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Spot cleaning carpet? Don’t waste your money on Over-the-counter carpet spotters!

Written by drgreen on 06 February 2013. Posted in GREEN TIPS

Over-the-counter spotters are the devil. Yea, I said it! When I’m conducting one of our no-obligation carpet evaluations, I keep a sharp eye out for stains that look like they’ve been ‘treated’ before. Some of the signs may be a stain surrounded by a circle of lighter colored carpeting, frayed carpet fibers directly on and around a stain, or I simply just ask the homeowner if they’ve tried to treat particular spots and stains before. I sometimes cry a bit inside when I hear, “Yes, I used XYZ stain remover that I saw on the shelf at ABC Store”. Not good… not good at all

Here’s the skinny on OTC general carpet spotters that are advertised heavily and that are readily available on the shelves of any big box store. Although they may work on some ‘general’ stains, if you use a general spotter on the wrong type of stain; first of all, that stain will probably not budge. But; that’s really not the major issue… The more serious issue is that by using the wrong kind of spotter on a particular stain, you could accidentally set that stain PERMANENTLY in your carpet. That means… NOBODY can correct that problem. Not even a seasoned carpet cleaning company. That nice ink blot, Kool-Aid spill, or wine stain just may become a permanent fixture in your otherwise beautiful living room décor.

So you might ask… “Is there anything that I can do if I spill something icky on my carpet?” Have no fear, you’d actually be surprised at what a little bit of vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle can do. Simply spray on your white cotton towel or directly to the stain, and just lightly blot until the color of the stain transfers to your towel. It may take a while, but consider the alternative… If the stain doesn’t budge using your vinegar solution, call a reputable carpet cleaning company to come and remedy that situation. It may cost a few dollars to hire a carpet cleaner for just one stain, but it’s definitely cheaper than that stain becoming permanent and you than have to shop for new carpet ($$$$$ or live with the new colorful carpet décor). Therefore, I stick by my earlier statement… Over-the-counter spotters are the devil.

Stay Green Folks!

-Dr Green