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How to Select a Good Carpet Cleaner in Atlanta

Written by drgreen on 14 September 2012. Posted in GREEN TIPS

So… The school year just started, kids have left summer vacation mode, and when they leave for the bus stop in the morning, you noticed that your once pristine home is now the byproduct of an exciting summer (that’s code for dirty). So you get back to working on your home; deep scrubbing the kitchen, bathrooms, family room, kids bedrooms to relieve your home of the summer ‘fun’, only to realize that even though your home seems spotless looking straight ahead; you then look down at your floors and notice that your front yard has now been permanently relocated inside onto your carpet. So you realize that you have to endure one of the most enjoyable moments in life, which is hiring a carpet cleaner

to give your home the finishing touch on your ‘get-the-kids-out-of-the-house’ cleaning spree. If you’re in a medium to large metropolitan area like Atlanta, Ga, you start your search and realize that the options are seemingly endless! There are literally hundreds of carpet cleaning companies that are in business in the Atlanta metro area; so how in the world are you supposed to choose the best cleaner for your hard earned money??? I understand that it can be pretty daunting; therefore I’ve decided to give you a quick checklist as to what to look for in a carpet cleaning vendor.

1) First and foremost, if a carpet cleaning company comes highly recommended from a trusted friend, start your search there. Referrals are the BEST method of finding good vendors for just about anything.

2) Just take a quick look at their website. Do they show examples of their work (not stock photos)? Do they list testimonials? Does the website look ‘professional’? Of course there are exceptions to the rule and a horrible company can have all those things, but by looking at their website, you can generally get a small sense of the company’s professionalism.

3) Do a quick internet search of the company to see if there are an abundance of bad reviews floating around cyberspace. Third party review sites can be a helpful tool when taking a look at reviews.

4) Call or email the company and ask if they use in-house technicians or sub-contractors. As I’ve written in the previous blog post “Entire Home Cleaning for $50!”, if a company generally advertises a super low price, they are usually just marketing and scheduling companies that send their jobs out to subcontractors. Typically carpet cleaning subcontractors are paid peanuts for each job they take, then it’s up to them to upsell you services (that should already be included in a typical cleaning) for an extra price. That’s the ONLY way subcontractors can stay in business. So make sure that the company that you hire uses in house cleaners.

5) Make sure that the company that you choose has some sort of guarantee. If a company is afraid to stand by the quality of their work, run fast and far, far away!

There are many reputable carpet cleaning companies in your area, but it is up to YOU to take the time to evaluate the company that steps into your home. Take these 5 steps and then you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right cleaner for your home. Happy cleaning!