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Atlanta Move-Out Checklist for Renters & Property Managers

Written by drgreen on 19 June 2012. Posted in GREEN TIPS

It’s that time of year again... It’s MOVE-OUT season! Apartment complexes and rental homes are turning over rental units like crazy. Unfortunately, move-outs can be stressful for tenants as well as property managers without a structured plan of action. A great way to ease the pain of move-outs is to follow a very simple clean-up list before returning the keys.

It’s a great way to receive your deposit back for renters and it’s much easier to turn over your unit in the shortest amount of time for property managers.

I found this helpful move-out list on the web, posted by SJC Management Group, and I’ve decided to share with it with you:


  • Wash all windows inside and out in all rooms. Clean out window tracks.
  • Wash window sills and curtain rods.
  • Wash inside and outside of front and back doors.
  • Clean out fireplace if applicable.
  • All marks must be washed off the walls. Remove all nails, do not patch.
  • Wash all vinyl and tile floors.
  • All carpeting is to be vacuumed and professionally cleaned. Save receipts and turn in to manager; or request that manager arrange to have this done and the cost will be deducted from you security deposit.
  • All trash must be removed from the premises.
  • Clean all blinds and wash or dry clean all drapes and valances.
  • Clean all light fixtures throughout unit and replace any burnt out bulbs.


  • Clean inside and out of dishwasher and range hood.
  • Scrub kitchen floor, including under the movable appliances.


  • Wash inside of refrigerator with warm water.
  • Take out vegetable drawers and wash in warm water, dry and replace.
  • Wash and dry outside of refrigerator.
  • Move refrigerator out from wall and clean underneath. DO NOT TURN OFF!
  • Freezer must be defrosted and cleaned.


  • Remove racks and broiler pan, soak in hot water to clean, dry well.
  • Clean inside of oven, top of stove, under elements, pan drawer, exhaust fan, hood.
  • Remove lower drawer and clean under stove.
  • Wash and dry outside of stove.

Cabinets and Drawers:

  • Wash cupboards inside and out. Remove any shelf paper.
  • Wipe out drawers with damp rag.
  • Clean sink and counter tops.


  • Wash down tile.
  • Clean bathtub, tile around the tub, sink, door and fixtures.
  • Clean inside and outside of toilet.
  • Clean the inside of medicine cabinet
  • Wash mirror.
  • Scrub floor.


  • Mow lawn and weed flower beds if applicable.
  • Haul away all garbage

With this dandy little checklist, you’ll be sure to get your deposit back! Also, to assist our Atlanta area renters, Dr Green Carpet Care has put together a great carpet cleaning special that’s very beneficial for move-outs! For a limited time, we are offering 3 rooms of carpet ‘green’ cleaned for only $99! This is not to be confused with a ‘bait-and-switch’ pricing offer like mentioned in an earlier blog post; this price is all-inclusive of our 10-step cleaning process. Happy moving and stay green folks!