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STAINMASTER® Carpet; is it really worth it?

Written by drgreen on 07 May 2012. Posted in GREEN TIPS

Let me start off by saying that we do not sell or install carpet at Dr Green Carpet Care, we just clean it!  Recently, I’ve been receiving a ton of questions about maintaining STAINMASTER® carpet (or other carpets w/ built-in stain protectant), so I decided to share a bit of industry knowledge with you...

  If you’ve ever been carpet shopping, you can easily get overwhelmed with the choices of types of carpet, color, brand, fiber type, pad thickness, etc. Sometimes you may have the carpet salesperson that says if you buy this certain carpet with super doper stain blocking properties, all of your worldly problems will be immediately eliminated.

Here’s the skinny on the situation… There is NO such thing as stain ‘proof’ carpet! Does STAINMASTER® carpet help with those every day spots and spills? Absolutely! STAINMASTER® carpet has the added benefit of an acid/dye stain protector applied at the carpet mill. Good stuff! An acid/dye protector helps prevent certain dyes from penetrating into the carpet fibers. Without the carpet protector, most spills w/ color will generally set as a permanent stain if not cleaned immediately. Even with the stain protecting characteristics, does this mean that you will never need to have your carpets professionally cleaned? Well…No! You still need to have your carpets cleaned regularly.

Here are the reasons why:

Due to everyday walking, furniture moving, and just life in general, abrasions will occur in the carpet; thus eroding the carpet protection in those areas (especially high traffic areas). Also, if you have a spill and try to clean it without success and decide to use an over-the-counter spot/stain remover, the chemicals in the OTC spot remover will more than likely permanently remove the carpet protection (not good either). It’s a good rule of thumb to have a professional reapply a stain protector during each cleaning to cover those high traffic areas in order to maintain the effectiveness of stain prevention.

Also, STAINMASTER® doesn’t actually protect your carpet from all stains. If you take a closer look at the ‘limited’ warranty information from the carpet manufacturer; you’ll see that depending on which warranty you have (yep; added costs), it’s not going to cover… *clears throat*: Bleach, blood, chalk, crayon, charcoal, gum, hand lotion, ink, hair spray, lipstick, machine oil, makeup, grease, cough syrup, Vaseline, white glue, rust, soot, toothpaste, urine/feces (anyone have pets?), hair oil, and a few other random things. Yep, your basic warranty will not cover those things.

Back to the story… Even if your STAINMASTER® carpet protects your flooring from ALL of those relatively common stains; your carpet still collects dirt, grime, oils, allergens, and random bacteria tracked in from your shoes and pets. That means you still need to get your carpets professionally cleaned. There are no magic carpeting products to protect your family from those things; so let a pro help your get rid of the carpet crud. Oh yea, by the way, in order to maintain your STAINMASTER® warranty, you must prove that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at the bare minimum to once every two years.

So you may ask me… would I recommend STAINMASTER® carpets? Sure! Why not? I think the added stain protection works wonders with day to day spills. I also recommend that you have carpet protector re-applied by a professional during each cleaning; especially to the high traffic rooms and areas. I would just simply warn you from believing the overzealous salesperson that tries to convince you that this name brand carpeting is magical. Basic carpet maintenance is still needed.

Well, that's all for today...  STAY GREEN folks!