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“Entire Home Carpet Cleaning for $50!”

Written by drgreen on 23 February 2012. Posted in GREEN TIPS

Tempting… huh? I’m sure you’ve seen the signs on the side of the road, the direct mailer coupons that arrive in your mailbox; and those cute little Google ads on the side of your web searches that say, “Whole House Carpet Cleaning for $50”, or something ridiculously low like that or even lower. I actually saw an ad the other day that said “$4 per room”.

You may be tempted to click on the link or call the number on the sign or discount mailer coupon… Let me be the first to say, “B-E-W-A-R-E!”

These “bait and switch” tricks have been used for many years to lure unsuspecting buyers into their web of deceit. No reputable carpet cleaner can charge those kinds of prices and stay in business without drastically reducing the level or service or the quality of cleaning. Basically, a company will advertise a low low price (the bait) to trick people into calling in reference to the advertisement to easily book those appointments very quickly. Fast forward to when the carpet cleaning technician arrives to your home on your appointment date; undoubtedly they will walk through your home and inform you that you will need a ton of extras to get the job done (the switch). You’ll need to pay extra for a more powerful cleaning chemical to actually see a difference, pay extra for deodorizing, pay extra for removal ANY spots or stains, pay extra for a trip charge, pay extra for sanitizing the carpets, and pay extra due to the size of your rooms (no matter how small your rooms are, there will be an extra charge for YOURS). By the time the technician adds up all the extras, your $79 cleaning is now $320. They know that chances are you’d be incredibly inconvenienced by cancelling your cleaning (since you took off work to be home for the appointment) and going through the process of calling another cleaner, so they have you on the hook to bite at their ‘new’ price. In some countries, this practice is illegal, but the old “bait and switch” is still alive and well here in the states…

Your best bet is to try to avoid the ‘teaser’ ads and contact a reputable cleaner, such as Dr Green Carpet Care, from the start. A reputable cleaner will risk losing appointments by offering a real price up front that is all-inclusive of spot removal, heavy soiling, deodorizing, and sanitizing. By following this recommendation, you’ll have a much better overall experience.

If you have any questions about carpet cleaners’ sales tactics, or of course, questions about Dr Green Carpet Care’s Eco-Friendly cleaning services; please feel free to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .